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my name is  Lukas.
I am an illustrator but I also do 3D graphics and animation.
But let’s start from the beginning….

I draw since my childhood. At that time I couldn't fall apart from the paper and pencil and I drew almost everything that caught my eye. Over the next years (many years) I improved my skills and became fluent  in different drawing styles.

I will draw everything you need. Illustration is not photography, only our imagination limits us.


Later I became interested in 3D graphics (design, modeling, visualizations). I create designs and visualizations of products, objects, interiors and other 3D models.

My first "animations" were made on small pieces of paper on which I drew individual "frames", which eventually created a short story. Later I changed cards into computer programs. However, I don't limit myself to classic, drawn animations. I also do 2D and 3D animations. I can also create a movie or make edition of it.


illustrations for books and newspapers
illustrations for books covers
concept art
brand hero
occasitional illustrations
personalized illustrations

interior design
visualisations of interior, house, buildings
product visualisations
3D models for games, animations
3D modelling

classic, hand drawn animations
2D animations
animations - visualizations
movies editing


Comics are not just for superheroes.
They are also a great way to promote your business, your products or a place.
Using comics as an advertisement you can send a clear message to your potential customers with much more information included than on standard poster or a banner.

Comic adverts are unique way of promoting your company that will make you stand out.

Please get in touch if you need more info.
Become whoever you want … on my illustrations.
My personalised illustrations will turn you, or your close ones, into favourite movie or book characters or any comic book superhero.
Fancy becoming a player of your favourite football team? Ever dreamt of being a fireman? My illustrations will make it happen.
Personal illustrations are also original and thoughtful ideas for gifts.
Please get in touch if you need more info.
Planning to do your house up or building your own house but unsure about the end results?
I will create a realistic visualisation of your property based on the information provided.
Don`t take a risk of being disappointed and see what your place will look like before you start any projects.
My visualisation will help you make the right choice and help you create your dream place.

Please get in touch if you need more info.
Marketing your hero means having a beautiful product, with appropriate packaging, that can do most of the talking for you. Your goal is to get your hero everywhere, in front of everyone who might use it. Having just one product to promote is often easier than promoting a whole brand.
Brand Hero are unique way of promoting your company that will make you stand out.

Please get in touch if you need more info.

Posters, illustrations and graphics on canvas
T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs and other gadgets
Posters, illustrations and graphics on canvas and aluminum
Posters, illustrations and graphics on metal
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Lukasz Karwacki
tel: +48 694 199 087
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